Thai Food

Belen Yager
2 min readSep 19, 2020

My favorite part of Thai food is the peanut sauce. Pretty much anything that I order gets drenched in peanut sauce. I prefer rice to noodles, but you can never say no to the occasional Pad Thai. The best part of getting Thai food for me is the fact that my roommate and I used to get Thai food all the time my freshman year of college.

Freshman year of college is exciting and scary for everyone. New adventures, newfound freedom, responsibility for your life and schedule. It is a big time in the life of an 18 year old. The other really important part of going to college is finding someone with whom you feel safe. My person when I arrived at George Fox was my roommate. We met a week before school started because our school randomly placed us together and it was a really good fit.

As the stresses of school and life got to us, my roommate struggled deeply with her mental health, which made me really put aside the needs I had to make sure she was okay.

On the really tough nights that she would really need to be comforted or I needed to stay in and find the comfort of my living space, then Thai food was the answer. We would order from our local Thai the Knot and bring it into our dorm room. We would sit on the floor and set up one of our laptops to eatch the office.

We would get spring rolls, yakisoba noodles, fried rice and any other sort of delicious food to simply snack our dinner away. All that peanut sauce seemed to simply cover up all the worries of life in that moment.

Clearly our worries were not that serious.

Now that we don’t live together anymore and she lives far away, Thai food seems to be a thing that I don’t feel like I get to enjoy unless she comes to visit me and we are reliving that time, or if we FaceTime because one of us is sad and we eat Thai food separately on the phone. It is just one of those things that warms my heart and soul.

Peanut sauce eliminates stress, I’m here to tell you.