Traveling the Earth? Pt. 2

Belen Yager
4 min readNov 21, 2020


If you read my last post this is where I am going to rate places I have been, probably not based on the things you’re actually supposed to rate a place off of. However, it was fun last time, so let’s keep going.

A comment I received on my last list was: what goes into the rating? Honestly, not much. Once I reflect on the place, I think of a number between 1 and 10. This is mostly based on if I remember having a certain feeling while standing outside in this city and breathing the air and what the feeling was. Quite scientific.

Enjoy more places I’ve been to:

13. Cancun, Mexico: I was 3 went the last time I visited here, but it was on a cruise and cruise are one of my favorite forms of vacations so… 6/10

14. Barcelona, Spain: Las Ramblas is worth the hype, a beautifully amazing city, I felt at home more here than in any other city. This might be because I speak the language fluently, so it was easy to get around, but still beautiful. Sangria is delicious (I visited here pre- GFU lifestyle contract so don’t be mad). I got to see a live flamenco show, the people who perform are some of the most dedicated and passionate performers I have ever had the opportunity of witnessing. Truly an amazing experience. 9/10

15. Pamplona, Spain: I don’t remember much about this city honestly, probably because Barcelona overshadowed everything on this leg of our Spain trip; however, I do remember seeing a beautiful city building that was really cool. 6/10

16. Nice, France: Alright. This is one of the most underrated cities in all of France. I know it’s not that underrated, but more people should know. The entire south of France is obviously beautiful, but wow. In Cannes we got to go on a personal tour of perfumery by the name of Parfumerie Fragonard. It was so much fun, watching the way that some of the most extravagant scents in the world are created is truly mesmerizing. Also, the fanciest gas station I have ever seen was here. 8/10

17. Bordeaux, France: Decadent wine, beautiful never-ending orchards, time going by a little slower here. 7/10

18. Monaco: Absolutely picturesque. We got to watch a leg of the grand prix while we were here, I felt like I was in the movie cars. Not the most eloquent reference, but still, what I would choose. Everyone and everything here feel rich… the streets practically ooze change as you step on them. I met a really nice mime while here, he bought me a strawberry crepe. 9/10

19. Santorini, Greece: Yes, it looks just like the pictures. 7/10

20. Capri, Italy: Not to brag, but this is also where I met Johnny Depp, this was a much bigger flex before we all knew what he was doing… but still, we grazed elbows on the cobble streets. This is one of those cities where you can only drive a car in a circle around it, everywhere else you have to walk. Of all the places I have been, possibly except Versailles, these were the most perfect gardens. 9/10

21. Versailles, France: Please go here. I don’t want to spoil it. Everything is gold and please do yourself a favor and go outside in the gardens behind the castle and get the frozen hot chocolate. It is the best thing you will ever have. 9/10

22. Pompeii, Italy: I learned more here than in any other city I have been to, so many interesting things to know. Also, yes, there are engraved penises on all the streets that ‘point’ to the nearest brothel. Those poor ladies with their stone beds… This is also where a vendor gave me some free souvenirs in exchange for my hand in marriage. I told him I wasn’t ready for marriage and that maybe I would come back, but he still gave me the stuff though so… win-win. 9/10

23. Rome, Italy: Beautiful, worth the hype, great pizza. 8/10

24. San Marino, Italy: Best seafood outside of Spain literally ever. 8/10

25. Lucerne, Switzerland: We got to toboggan on the swiss alps which was one of the most amazing winter wonderland experiences ever. It takes like a million years to get up there though which is a downside, but it makes sense when you have to get up to 6,000 ft.

If you’re still here, congratulations, you know what I think about some places! I did leave out quite a few. I left out a lot of France and Greece, Germany and the Netherlands… not because I didn’t enjoy them, Amsterdam is amazing. Also, Venice is my favorite city in the world and a 10/10 (allusive), but I think that one also got left out.

Anyways, thanks for reading, maybe a part three will come one day?



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