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Belen Yager
3 min readNov 14, 2020


Full Transparency, this has been one of the most mentally draining weeks I have experienced in a long time; therefore, I kind of ran out of ideas for what to write about.

So, I decided I am going to do a little run down of countries and cities I have been to and how I would rate them.

1. Alaska: This was one of the places that I got most excited about as a little girl, my family and I took a cruise there for my 7th birthday and it was quite entertaining. It is the first time I consciously remember having an ‘extravagant’ new experience. We actually got to see the whale’s surface and blow so that was exciting. 7/10

2. Chicago: Chicago was cool, the bean was fun, the most exciting thing I remember was that the toilets in their airport were so high tech that I did not know what to do. 5/10

3. Dallas: Again, cool, lots of cowboy boots. 4/10

4. São Paolo, Brazil: Oh my gosh I haven’t never in my life experienced heat the way I experiences it here. Hot air would come out of the vents but just because it was air it was better than nothing. The people were so fun, but I could never admit that as an Argentine citizen so let’s all pretend that I didn’t say that. 8/10

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina: I have been there pretty much more than anywhere else in the world. It is my home, but also ridiculously unsafe to live there. Best food in the world in my opinion. 9/10

6. Mar Del Plata, Argentina: Second best ice cream in the world in my opinion. Best beach I have ever experienced, people here are so fun. 9/10

7. London, England: If I were to leave to United States and I were limited to places I had already been, this is probably the city I would be most likely to live in. Very down to earth feel, exciting city, great sandwiches. Not my favorite place I have ever been to, I would like to make that distinction, but somewhere I would consider most to live. Big ben is shockingly cool, the London bridge is not as fun as the song made it sound. 7/10

8. New York, New York: The big apple, bright lights, Broadway truly is as amazing as they make it seem. It is clear that the culture in this city is not easily penetrated, if you aren’t a native, it will always be obvious. 6/10

9. Washington D.C.: Educational, but not that fun. This I where I feel like people fall asleep by 7 p.m. or they don’t sleep ever, but not for fun reasons. Stress is in the air here. 5/10

10. Anaheim: Disneyland, Argentine Embassy. 8/10

11. Buckingham Palace: Technically kind of still London, but it is different. The air goes from normal people to snob and tourist really quick. The guards are hilarious in my opinion, they really don’t smile. 6/10

12. Paris, France: Okay, wow, buy a street sweeper. Dirtiest city I have been to, walking with shoes on still felt gross once you leave any sort of touristy area. The Eiffel Tower, I am just going to say it… overrated. Astonishing, yes, an important historical landmark, absolutely. But I couldn’t help the: “that’s it?” feeling that came over me. Best part of the city is La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. I got to see it before any of the fires happened, so that is something I am glad I get to say. Second best part of Paris was the Escargot, just try it, they’re amazing. 8/10

I am now realizing that this list is really long, and I am nowhere near done. Come back next week for more cities, they get spicy.



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